Informal Reviews

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Property owners will receive new values this year as part of the auditor’s office 2023 triennial property value update. To ensure that property owners have a chance to take part in the process, the Montgomery County Auditor’s Office invites the community to review and appeal their values at informal review sessions. This allows property owners who do not agree with their new tentative property values a chance to have their voice heard.

Informal review sessions are expected to begin in late summer or early fall. 

How can I find out my new property value?

Property owners should receive their notice in the mail this summer. Property owners who miss their notice in the mail should call the Auditor's Property Owner Hotline at 937-225-5096 to be notified of their new value.

How can I schedule an Informal Review?

The Auditor's Office expects to begin scheduling informal reviews in late summer or early fall. 

How will the Informal Reviews be held?

Informal reviews will be held via Zoom.

If you are unfamiliar with using Zoom, instructions can be found here.

Do I need to prepare anything for my Informal Review meeting?

If you have evidence that supports a change to your property’s tentative value, we would love to see it. In the past, property owners have brought items such as:

• Sales or listing contract if property was recently bought or sold

• Appraisal from the last 2 years

• Photographs of any damage to your property

• Repair estimate

• Additional sales information for comparable homes in your neighborhood.

To submit materials for your Informal Review meeting, please visit our evidence portal or use the following information:

Montgomery County Auditor Informal Review
755 Paragon Rd. Suite 109, Dayton, Ohio 45459