2020 Revaluation Project

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Every three years, the County Auditor is required by the State of Ohio to reappraise all property in the county. Our office completed a Triennial Update of property values in 2017, and is scheduled to complete a full reappraisal in 2020. These new values will impact the property taxes that you pay starting in 2021.

Notices of tentative new property values were sent to most Montgomery County property owners in early August. If you believe we missed the mark on your property's value, we're here to help. Click the button below to schedule a 1-on-1 informal review meeting, conducted via Zoom or telephone with a member of our appraisal team. Or call our Property Owners Hotline to speak to one of our representatives and set up a meeting.

Missed your property value notice in the mail? No worries! Please call the Property Owners Hotline below and we will tell you your tentative new value.

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Click below to call our Property Owners Hotline:

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