Tornado Tax Relief

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The tornados that struck Montgomery County last year damaged or destroyed more than four thousand properties in total. Our office is committed to helping property owners get tax relief on damaged and destroyed property – because nobody should have to pay a full tax bill on a property that has been damaged or destroyed.

We are now offering another opportunity for property owners with tornado damage to receive tax relief.

BOR Tornado Tax Relief Program

Who is eligible?

Property owners who have experienced tornado damage, but who did not apply for the damaged property tax relief program last year, are eligible to apply.

Our office sent letters in July to those whom we have identified as being eligible for this program. However, if you didn’t receive a letter, and believe you may be eligible, we encourage you to apply.

How do I apply for tornado tax relief?

Included with our office’s letter is an appeal form and a settlement agreement. The settlement agreement is based on the value that our appraisals have established for your property. Property owners who complete both forms and return them to the Board of Revision are eligible for a partial refund in the property taxes they pay this year, in 2020. By signing the settlement agreement, property owners are able to have their property value lowered without a hearing.

Wait... I have to complete and return two forms? Why?

We know it's confusing. Yes, you must complete both:

1. The Board of Revision Complaint Form
2. The Settlement Agreement Form

The complaint form is required by law for us to adjust your value. The settlement agreement allows us to make that adjustment without a hearing. So please complete both and mail them back to us.

What if I do not agree with the property value in the settlement agreement?

Property owners who disagree with the tentative new value on their settlement agreement are able to make a case for a different value. Those individuals can submit their Board of Revision appeal form with their opinion of value, and they will be scheduled for a hearing later this year. You do not need to complete the settlement agreement if you wish to make a case for a different value.

If I did not receive a letter from the Auditor’s Office, can I still apply?

If you believe you may be eligible for this program, but did not receive a letter from us, you can still apply. Please download a Board of Revision complaint form from this website, complete it, and mail it to our office. You can also give us a call at 937-496-6856 and we can mail you a form.  

What is the deadline to apply for the BOR Tornado Tax Relief program?

The deadline to apply is August 24th.

I have more questions that aren’t answered here!

We are very happy to answer any questions you may have. Please give us a call at 937-496-6856 during normal business hours and one of us will be available to help!