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Who is required to obtain a Cigarette Dealer's License?

Anyone who sells or transports cigarettes within Montgomery County must obtain a yearly Cigarette Dealer's License. 

When must a Cigarette Dealer's License be renewed?
Licenses are to be renewed annually between May 1st and the 4th Monday in May. The retail dealer needs to fill out a brief registration form and pay the annual fee. Licenses are good for a one-year period that runs from the 4th Monday in May to the 4th Monday of May the next year. Retail licenses bought after the 4th Monday in May are subject to pro-rating and can only be purchased at the office of the Montgomery County Auditor.

Retail Dealer's Cigarette License
Retail Dealer's Cigarette Licenses may only be purchased at the County Auditor's Office or by mail. The application form is available below and can be printed out and sent to: Karl L. Keith, Montgomery County Auditor, Cigarette Licensing, 451 W. Third St., Dayton, Ohio 45422 with the licensing fee of $125 per physical location.

Wholesale Dealer's Cigarette License
Wholesale Dealer's Cigarette Licenses must be purchased from the Ohio Dept. of Taxation. The Ohio Dept. of Taxation can be reached at (855) 466-3921. Wholesale Dealer's Cigarette Licenses are $1,000.


If you are transferring an existing retail cigarette license to another location within Montgomery County, you can only do so at the offices of the Montgomery County Auditor for a $5 fee. The original license is required at that time.

*Important NoticeOhio passed legislation that prohibits the sale of cigarettes in Ohio that have not been approved by the Attorney General's Office. A list of brands legal for sale in Ohio can be found on the Ohio Attorney General's Website. This list is periodically updated. It is illegal to possess any brand not listed on this site for sale in Ohio. Also, it is unlawful to purchase tobacco products from an unlicensed manufacturer or importer. A list of licensed cigarette manufacturers is also located at the above link.

The Ohio Department of Taxation keeps a full list of cigarette licenses in the county.