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There are three courtrooms, in the Montgomery County Common Pleas Court, Probate Division, that have an audio, video recording system: 
                    Courtroom One for Magistrates Joseph Gallagher and Brandon Allen
                    Courtoom Two for Magistrates Lisa Wiseman and Brittany Doggett
                    Courtroom Three for Judge David D. Brannon

The system is the latest in state-of-the-art courtroom technology, whereby, a central control unit is linked to voice-activated microphones strategically placed at the judicial bench, attorneys' tables and witness stand. The system microphones activate when an individual starts to speak and a video camera "slaved" to each microphone automatically focuses on the individual as it records both video and audio onto a data storage unit.  Every image displayed and every sound that is heard is captured into the record.

An important benefit of the system is the ability to play back any portion of the court record during the proceedings. This affords the Judge, Magistrate or attorneys the opportunity to review any portion of the "record" at any time.  The system also provides assisted listening devices for individuals needing hearing assistance.

The digital storage unit ensures that the records are immediately made available at the close of the trial day.  Attorneys may request the record on digital disk.  The digital storage device also features both read and write capability, allowing the court to make a disk from the original disk recording on demand.  Time and date indicators are burned into the recordings to preserve record authenticity.

Evidence Presentations

Evidence presentation equipment is available.  The equipment has the ability to project evidence, such as, three dimensional objects or documents, onto a screen located in the courtroom.  These Evidence Presentations are recorded along with court proceedings.

Please call the Judicial Assistants for any additional information about the video equipment.

For a form to purchase a DVD for a court proceeding click here.