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The Parent Education Department is responsible for conducting parent seminars held frequently each month at Sinclair Community College. The seminar, entitled "Helping Children Succeed After Divorce", is a mandatory three-hour information presentation designed to inform parents about the effects of divorce and parental conflict on children. Prior to or during the pendency of an action for divorce, annulment, or legal separation, one or both spouses may file a petition for conciliation.  Upon filing, a hearing will be held to determine if the parties wish to stay the action for 90 days.  The department also provides mediation services for divorcing parties.  
Summarized below is information regarding the services provided by the Parent Education Department.  
The parties are sent a Parent Questionnaire & Information Sheet to review and complete concerning their family's circumstances. The questionnaires should be returned to the Court in a timely manner. The Parent Questionnaire & Information Sheet is placed in a file to be reviewed by the Judge prior to the final hearing date. To complete the Parent Questionnaire & Information Sheet online, click here Parent Questionnairepdf icon.  
Parent Seminars are offered to divorcing parents several times per month at Sinclair Community College. The seminar is entitled "Helping Children Succeed After Divorce". It is a three-hour informational presentation designed to inform parents about the effects of divorce and parental conflict on children. Parties to a divorce action, dissolution of marriage, or legal separation which involve children must attend the presentation. The parties may either attend together or separately before their final hearing. Certificates of Attendance are given to participants, as well as placed in the official court file. Pre-registration is required and childcare is not provided. 

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2019 Seminar Schedule

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The purpose of the Conciliation Conference is to preserve, improve, and protect family life through the use of marriage, family and divorce counseling.  
Conciliation Conferences do not always lead to a reconciliation, but does provide a basis for identifying marital problems and considering rational alternatives to their solution. No attempt is made to force reconciliation. The decision to reconcile or not is made by the parties during the conciliation session. In cases where reconciliation does occur, the parties are encouraged to seek counseling outside the Court to help strengthen and enhance their marriage. In cases in which reconciliation does not occur, and divorce is inevitable, such counseling can help facilitate reasonable future arrangements concerning the children, and help resolve other issues involved in the divorce process.  
When referring parties for the Conciliation Conference, attorneys or the parties may call the Parent Education Department (937) 225-5412 to request an appointment to file a Petition for Conciliation. To complete a Petition for Conciliation form online, click here Petition for Conciliation pdf icon. Should an attorney prepare the paperwork, it must be dropped off to the Parent Education Department on the 2nd floor so that the department can schedule a date for the conciliation hearing. The department then files the conciliation paperwork with the scheduled hearing date in the Clerk of Courts, Domestic Relations Division. The divorce hearing will be stayed at that time until the conciliation conference has occurred. Conciliation service appointments are usually made within two weeks from the time of filing the request in order to serve the papers on the other party. Conciliation Conference staff do not give legal advice and are always careful not to interfere with the attorney-client relationship. Both attorneys and the Court are notified by the Conciliation Conference staff when one party files a Petition for Conciliation and at the time the parties either decide to reconcile or choose to proceed with the divorce.