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When a party files a motion, the case may be referred to the Mediation Services Department prior to a Court hearing on the matter.  The Mediation Services Department assists parties in achieving a less stressful and potentially quicker resolution of their disputes through mediation,  which is an alternative to traditional court proceedings.

Mediation is a confidential process, where two neutral co-mediators facilitate a conversation between the parties.  The goal of the mediation is to encourage communication and self-determination, so that the parties may discuss their issues and interests, and explore ideas to resolve their conflict, resulting in a voluntary agreement of some or all of the parties' issues pending before the Court.  The mediators do not have any decision-making authority, nor do they give legal advice.  Mediation allows parties to have more participation, self-determination, and control over their case.

The Mediation Services Department is located at 301 W. Third Street in Dayton, on the Second Floor.

Our Mediation Specialist may be contacted via e-mail at:, or by calling (937) 225-4539