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A Magistrate is an attorney appointed by the court who hears cases referred by the Judges. Magistrates hear and consider cases in the same manner as a Judge. If the Magistrate is unable to settle a case by way of an agreed order, a hearing is held and a magistrate's decision is issued. All Magistrates' decisions are reviewed and approved by the Judge assigned to the case. When approved, the Magistrate's decision becomes a permanent order of the Judge. The parties have 14 days to file objections to the Magistrate's decision. The Judge rules on said objections.

 Magistrates are available to answer procedural and other questions but may not discuss a case with either a litigant or attorney in the absence of the other party (or that party's attorney) to the case. Magistrates also write articles for legal publications and make presentations at legal seminars.  
If you would like additional information, contact the department at (937) 225-4063. 

Legal Director   
Elaine Stoermer

Chief Magistrate 
Elaine Stoermer


Jacqueline Gaines 
Barbara E. Reno      
Erin Otis  
Elaine M. Stoermer  
Nicholas P. Sylvain  
Annette McGee Wright 
Andy Root
Claudia Turrell