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The duties of the Child Support Compliance Specialist include, but are not limited to, monitoring individual compliance of court orders involving child support, domestic violence counseling and seek work.  Defendants in civil contempt proceedings report their progress/failure regarding compliance of court orders to the Child Support Compliance Specialist.  In actions for civil contempt and the possibility of a jail sentence, the individual is directed to contact the Child Support Compliance Specialist and report on their progress toward compliance with the court order.  The Child Support Compliance Specialist provides the Judge and/or Magistrate a status report of the individual’s efforts to comply with the court order.

Enforcement techniques are accomplished by encouragement and communication rather than the threat of a jail sentence.  By using these techniques and upon approval of the Judge and/or Magistrate, the Child Support Compliance Specialist may recommend contempt proceedings or imposition of sentence be deferred.

Additionally, the Child Support Compliance Specialist is the liaison between various out-of-court organizations that provide reports as to the individual’s attendance at counseling sessions and participation in the Seek Work program.

The Child Support Compliance Specialist also assists the Legal Director with special projects or problems as they arise.

If you have further questions or need additional information, please contact: 

Child Support Compliance Specialist:
Phone:  (937) 225-6055
Fax:      (937) 496-7443