Human Services Planning & Development


117 S. Main Street
Suite 5100
Dayton, OH 45422



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Email General Information

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Abernathy, Jessica (She/Her) Service Coordination, Supported Services and Community Initiatives 937-224-8469  
Copeland, La'Keshia (She/Her) Program Coordinator, Youth Homelessness 937-225-6378  
Cox, Tia (She/Her) Contract Monitor / Program Evaluator 937-225-4684  
Draine, Lori (She/Her) Contract Monitor / Program Evaluator 937-496-6930  
Finley, Denice (She/Her) Support Staff for Human Services Levy, Family and Children First Council 937-496-7154  
Fuchs, Mason (He/Him) Financial Analyst 937-225-6379  
Gemperline, Matt (He/Him) Senior Information Technology Analyst 937-225-4733  
Jenkins, Jessica (She/Her) Director 937-225-4218  
Lesniak, Jenny (She/Her) Program Coordinator, Housing and Homeless Solutions 937-225-4631  
Mahar, Lizz (She/Her) Senior Program Coordinator, Supported Services and Community Initiatives 937-225-4963  
Oswald, Claire Program Coordinator, Supported Services and Community Initiatives 937-225-5628  
Shanahan, Kathleen (She/Her) Housing and Homeless Solutions Coordinator 937-496-7710  
Stumpf, Cindy (She/Her) Support Staff for Housing and Homeless Solutions 937-225-6476  
Woods, Kyla (She/Her) Manager, Community Programming 937-224-1541