water utility security

Water theft is a crime!
Stealing water and sewer services is illegal and can result in property damage, public safety hazards and utility service interruptions. Illegally obtained water and/or sewer also leads to higher rates for all Montgomery County customers. Tampering with the water or sewer system, water meter or fire hydrant is a crime.

Help prevent water/sewer service theft by reporting suspicious behavior to Montgomery County Environmental Services with our online reporting form. You can also report theft by calling customer service at (937) 781-2688

Water/Sewer Theft Report

Type of theft suspected: Water    Sewer 
Date and Time of suspected water/sewer theft: 
Address where suspected theft occurred (or nearest intersection):
City or Town where suspected theft occurred:
General Location Information (Residence/Business/Hydrant/Manhole):
Detailed Description of why water/sewer theft was suspected:

You are not required to include your personal information to submit a water/sewer theft report.  If you would like to provide your contact information, please fill in the information below. Thank you for doing your part to help keep Montgomery County water and sewer utilities safe and secure.

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