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The Public Notification Rule (PN)

In 1974, the Federal Government passed the Safe Drinking Water Act which protects public drinking water supplies throughout the nation. The Safe Drinking Water Act includes the Public Notification Rule (PN). This rule ensures that consumers will know if there is a problem with their drinking water. These notices alert consumers if there is risk to public health. They also notify customers:

  • if the water does not meet drinking water standards;
  • if the water system fails to test its water;
  • if the system has been granted a variance (use of less costly technology); or
  • if the system has been granted an exemption (more time to comply with a new regulation).


With the above information in mind, it should be noted that residents of Montgomery County and Montgomery County Environmental Services each own, and are responsible for, different sections of the water pipe system that connects the water main to a property.

Below is a diagram of a typical residential water meter. Montgomery County Environmental Services (the water utility) is responsible for everything from the main waterline (#1) to the curb stop (#2) and the customer is responsible for  the private service line, which includes everything from the curbstop (#2) to the house (#3).

The curbstop is the valve used to turn water on or off to a property.


Who is Responsible for What?

In the event a lead service line is encountered at a residential or business property, what should be done? It depends on who discovers the line.


Residents are responsible for the service line, which includes everything from the curb stop (#2) to the house (#3), as well as all the plumbing inside the house. If they discover a lead service line, it is recommended they contact the Water Utility Inspector (937-781-2653) or a plumber to have the pipe replaced.


If a plumber encounters a lead service line in the course of their work, they have the responsibility to:

  1. Notify the Water Utility Inspector (937-781-2653) of the lead water service discovery.
  2. Notify the customer of the lead water service discovery.
  3. Inform the customer that the plumber will be contacting the water utility about the lead water service.
  4. Provide the customer with a contact phone number for the water utility (937-781 -2650).

Montgomery County Environmental Services
Montgomery County Environmental Services is actively working to replace lead service lines within the service area they are responsible for (lines that connect from the main waterline to the curbstop). Beyond that, MCES has the responsibility to:

  1. Provide educational material to customers.
  2. Provide the customer an opportunity to participate in a sampling program after the portion of the service line from the main waterline to the curbstop has been replaced by Montgomery County Environmental Services.
                           If samples are found to be above acceptable limits:
                          - Results will be sent to the 1. OEPA (Ohio Environmental Protection Agency), 
                          2. Public Health Dayton and Montgomery County, and 3. the Customer.

                          - Continued sampling will be requested with the customer.