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                              Map of Potential Lead Service Lines

Below is a current map of our service area, which includes
color-coded lines indicating (to the best of our knowledge) which service areas have the potential to contain lead service lines and which are do not. This information is primarily based on the age of the pipe installation. We do not have a comprehensive database on which addresses are confirmed to have lead service lines.

Click the "Service Map" icon below to view a more detailed version of the map in .PDF format. Scroll through the file to find your neighborhood and then zoom in (press CTRL and the "+" sign to zoom) on the address to see where lead pipe may be present.

Service Map cropped

Help us help you:

Our map is not as up-to-date as we would like it to be. We need your help to update it.
What you can do:  You can look at the pipe coming into your property to determine if it is copper, lead, or galvanized iron.

The service line in your home or business should look something like this:

Not sure how to tell the difference between the different metals? Don't worry. Take a look at this guide from D.C. Water to help you identify the type of material your service line is made from.)

If you are able to determine what type of material your service line is made from, we would appreciate it if you could please send a photograph and your determination to so that we may update our records. If you are not sure of the material, send us a photo and let us know you are unsure. Our expert staff can take a look at the photo and make their own determination. Thank you in advance for your help!

Visual of the different types of pipes you might see:

Galvanized Iron - A dull, gray color. Strong magnets will cling to galvanized iron.  Galvanized Iron cropped2.1
 Copper - The color of a copper penny.  Copper Pipe. cropped2png
 PVC - White and rigid pipe.  PVC Pipecropped
 Lead - Lead has a dull, silvery gray color. Lead can easily be scratched by a coin and strong magnets will not cling to it.  Lead Pipecropped