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Fries FOGDon't Pour Fat, Oil, and Grease Down the Drain!
Fats, oils, and grease stick to the inside of sewer pipes, eventually clogging sewer lines and causing sewage backups and overflows, leading to property damage, environmental problems, and other health hazards. 

Food establishments that do not have adequate grease control (e.g., grease traps) can cause significant problems in the public sewer system, and they may be fined for these issues. Private citizens should also avoid pouring fats down the drain, because it can lead to blockages in private plumbing or in the public sewer system.

Why should I care about Fat, Oil, and Grease in the sewer system?

Impact on your business/home: As your sewer pipes back up, the sewage and food particles that accumulate can attract insects and other vermin, cause unpleasant odors, and create health hazards. Sewage backups often cause significant property damage, leading to expensive cleanup and plumbing repairs.

Impact on the environment: Clogged sewers can lead to overflows. As sewage overflows onto streets, it enters the storm drain system and is carried to our local waterways, creating health risks for people, as well as fish and wildlife. 

Impact to your bottom line: Increased sewer blockages and overflows may lead to property damage and costly maintenance. If you are a business owner, you may be fined by regulatory agencies. Health code violations or closures may also greatly impact your business.

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