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If you want an abundance of sustainable, high-quality water for farming, manufacturing or industrial application, you will find it in Montgomery County, Ohio. Montgomery County Environmental Services provides high quality drinking water and wastewater services to local businesses.

Flow and Pressure Testing
If you are opening a new business or relocating, we will be happy to conduct a water flow test to ensure your water needs will be met at your new business location. Please contact field services at (937) 781-2653 to request a flow test.

Our Water Resources

Our regional water resource is the Great Miami Buried Valley Aquifer, which holds more than 1.5 trillion gallons of water. The water levels of the aquifer are very stable, and are replenished by rain, surface water, and manmade recharge ponds. The aquifer is protected by the City of Dayton's Source Water Protection Program.


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Municipal Industrial Pretreatment Program (Sanitary Sewer)

RV/Septage Receiving Facility

Fat, Oil, and Grease Prevention

Flow/Pressure Testing

Rules and Regulations

Standard Specifications

Meter Downsizing

Current Rates and Fees