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The Montgomery County Solid Waste District offers various grant programs. Please review the eligibility criteria below for the Recycling Incentive Grant, Business Recycling Incentive Grant, and Buy Recycled Grant. Additional details will be added as grants open and close each year.


Recycling Incentive Grant for District Members

The incentive grant program for Solid Waste District members will provide funding to District members to enhance, increase and promote:

  • Recycling in the County
  • Waste reduction
  • Litter prevention
  • Composting opportunities
  • End use markets of recycled materials


All District members of the Montgomery County Solid Waste District are eligible to participate in the program. Municipality requirements include:

  1. Abide by the terms of the Montgomery County Solid Waste District Operational Rules adopted February 23, 2010.
  2. Have an established recycling program for residents by means of contracting, subscription or operating their own recycling program.
  3. Submit annual recycling data to the Solid Waste District.

Important Notice: Applicants must submit a letter of endorsement from a district member. District members include all 28 jurisdictions within Montgomery County. The endorsement letter must be obtained from the jurisdiction in which the business applicant is located.


Business Recycling Incentive Grant

The business recycling incentive grant program will provide funding to enhance, increase and promote recycling, waste reduction, and composting opportunities in Montgomery County.


All businesses located within Montgomery County are eligible to participate in the program. Organization requirements include:

  1. Agree to enter into a grant agreement in the form of a deferred loan to receive assistance in the business incentive grant program.

  2. Submit annual recycling data to the District.

  3. Attend a mandatory application pre-submission meeting on Date TBD.


Buy Recycled Grant

The Montgomery County Solid Waste District (MCSWD) established the Buy-Recycled Grant Program for the purchase and promotion of recycled content material and to increase participation in MCSWD community and education programs. 


The Buy Recycled grant funds are available on a competitive basis to all Montgomery County schools and 501(c)3 designated non-profit agencies.  Funding may be used to purchase and promote any type of recycled content material including, but not limited to, paper, plastic, steel, aluminum, tires and glass. 


The total funding dollars available are $50,000. Actual awards will vary based upon proposed projects and the total number of applications submitted. Partial funding of proposals may be offered. Upon award announcement, funding dollars will be available beginning January of 2021.


School Waste Reduction and Education Grant 

Information on this grant is available under our "For Educators" tab. Please click here to be redirected appropriately.