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Tire PileProper scrap tire management is everyone’s responsibility. If you suspect illegal scrap tire storage, transportation, or dumping, please contact your local health department or law enforcement. If you have questions about Ohio’s scrap tire regulations, please contact your local health department, law enforcement, or Ohio EPA at 1-877-372-2621.

For more information, download our Environmental Crimes Task Force brochure. Click the links below for great references about managing scrap tires.

Guidelines for Everyone
When properly managed, scrap tires can be recycled into everyday products such as garden hoses and playground mulch. Scrap tires are also commonly used as drainage material and as a fuel source in industrial processes.

Improperly managed scrap tires can become a nuisance and public safety concern. Open dumps containing scrap tires serve as breeding grounds for disease-carrying mosquitoes and other pests. A tire fire generates toxic smoke and oil that can contaminate surface water and ground water resources.

Guidelines for Tire Transporters
Anyone who transports more than 10 scrap tires must annually register with Ohio EPA. New transporters must submit a registration application and $300 to Ohio EPA at least 90 days before transporting any tires. The registration must be renewed, and the fee repaid, each year. Tire retreaders, motor vehicle salvage, and tire retail dealers can certify that they qualify for a waived or reduced annual fee.

Transporters also must provide a $20,000 financial assurance document to Ohio EPA prior to issuance of the registration. This ensures that there will be funding available for cleanup if the transporter illegally accumulates or disposes of scrap tires.

For a list of registered transporters, registration application forms, and more information about your responsibilities, visit the Ohio EPA Division of Materials and Waste Management or call (614) 644-2621.

Guidelines for Tire Retailers
When disposing of scrap tires, generators must use a registered transporter and maintain shipping papers, which track scrap tires from retail and other locations to a licensed recovery or disposal facility. Use of an unregistered transporter is illegal, even if you aren’t charged for the service. When a transporter picks up scrap tires at your business, you must certify that you followed required mosquito control measures and record the number of tires being shipped. This shipping certification documents that you used a registered transporter and followed proper storage requirements. Keep copies of each shipping paper on file for at least three years.