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Montgomery County engages in a number of varied activities while providing services for its residents. These services include police protection, water production and distribution, road maintenance, garbage and trash disposal, sewage disposal, parks and recreation facilities, planning and inspection services as well as many others. A great variety of equipment, supplies and services must be purchased for the departments and divisions performing these services. These purchases are processed through the Purchasing Department.

While it is beyond the scope of this site to list all of the products and services which Montgomery County buys, the Purchasing Department is interested in your product if it is needed by the County. Therefore, it is important to both you and the County that your product or service be introduced in the most efficient and effective manner possible in accordance with Montgomery County's moral and legal obligations.

The following paragraphs will provide information which will help you to introduce your product or service.

Where the County Buys
Montgomery County has a centralized purchasing function. The Purchasing Department is the authority for all purchases above $100.00. The Purchasing Department does not make any purchases for the County Engineer, Children's Services Board and Board of Elections except in bidding situations. Vendors shall not make sales to County employees without a purchase order unless approval is given by the Purchasing Department. Employees outside the Purchasing Department do not have the authority to commit County funds in excess of $100.00.

The Purchasing Department acts as liaison between vendors and the County. This department is located on the eleventh floor of the County Administration Building, 451 West Third Street, Dayton, Ohio 45422.

Hours of Business
The Purchasing Department is open for business from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

How the County Buys
All purchases of supplies, equipment, and contractual services (except professional services) where the cost exceeds $10,000 are purchased on the basis of formal, competitive sealed bids.

Purchases of $10,000 or less are made on the open market. Wherever possible these purchases are based on at least three informal quotations. Quotations may be solicited by mail, telephone or personal visits by a salesman.

In case of emergency, and with the consent of the County Commissioners, by Emergency Resolution, department heads may purchase necessary supplies, materials or equipment. This may be done only when it is essential that such purchases be made in order to safeguard County property or to provide services which virtually affect the life, health, or convenience of the citizens of Montgomery County.