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Jonathan M. Parks

     Director, Office of Management & Budget                     (937)225-4735

Chris Neary                                
     Budget & Financial Planning Manager                    (937)225-6289

Kevin Baker
     Senior Financial Analyst                  (937)225-4345

Dan Gerhard
Senior Financial Analyst                 (937)225-6488

Theresa Lawson
OMB Assistant                   (937)225-4735

Jamie Norris
     Senior Financial Analyst                     (937)496-7709

Monica Rezek
     Senior Financial Analyst         (937)279-6685

Michelle Rice
     Financial Analyst                        (937)225-6265

Rob Strobel
     Senior Financial Analyst                    (937)225-7070

Gregg Sunshein
      Senior Financial Analyst               (937)225-6414



 OMB Financial Managers

Vijay Chitkara
     Financial Services Manager - Admin./Environmental Services                  (937)225-4565

Kurtis Wingo
     Assoc. Director of Fiscal Operations - Job & Family Services - Business Services                

Janet Holman

     Accounting & Financial Systems Project Manager                   (937)225-4713

John Hopwood
     Asst. Financial Services Manager - Admin./Environmental Services                (937)225-4884

Lisa Leedy
     Financial Manager - Stillwater Center                      (937)415-9315