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Reimbursement Request Instructions and Forms for Appointed Counsel, Transcription Fees, Court Paid Experts and Other Expenses

For assistance, please contact Kevin Baker or 937-225-4345  or
Angela Kilgore or 937-225-6358

Common information or documents missing from requests for payment

  • All packets/forms submitted for reimbursement must be properly completed. Packets/forms that are incomplete or missing documentation are unable to be processed and will be returned to the court with a request they return them for payment processing within 7 days.
  • The original and one (1) copy of all packets, forms, documents and all pages of invoice, must be submitted.
  • Include ONLY expenses the Ohio Public Defender will reimburse the County for.

Instructions for completing requests for Appointed Counsel Billings follow:  (Pages 2 thru 22 instructions and forms that follow are located on the Ohio Public Defender Website)
     Reimbursement for Experts or Transcriptions Form OAC 120-1-17

     Motion, Entry, and Certification for Appointed Counsel Fees Form OPD-1026R

     Clerk’s/Auditor’s Transcript Fee for an Indigent Defendant Form OPD-E-205

  • Note that these billings are always to be sent separate. 
  • Do not include them with attorney billings.
  • Requests for reimbursement of all transcript fees must be necessary for the defense of an indigent client.  (Ohio Public Defender will reimburse the county for transcripts used only for defense of the client and when the transcript is used only by the defense counsel.)  (OAC 120-1-17)

     Court Paid Experts and/or Expenses Form OPD-209

  • The OPD standards state “Reimbursement for transcript fees and experts shall be made only when the transcript/expert is used only for the defense of the client, and when the transcript/expert is used/answerable only for/to the defense counsel.  Transcripts/Experts ordered for use by the court (e.g., an initial competency exam) shall not be reimbursed.”  So if the court orders any transcript/expert, then OPD will not reimburse because the transcript/expert would be used/answerable for/to the court.    **Also Applies to Transcript Fee Form OPD-E-205**  (OAC 120-1-17)

      Financial Disclosure/Affidavit of Indigency Form OPD-206R

      Revision 09/2017 must be used for any case where the form is completed by the defendant on or
      after January 1, 2018.

      Interpreter Services per ORC 2311.14

  • Common Pleas Court Interpreter Service Fees are not Appointed Counsel billings and instead are paid the same as witness fees. 
      • If the Court orders the Interpreter Services, they are to be paid for by the Court (ORC 2311.14).
      • Interpreter Services must be exclusively for defense of the client.  (An example of services for defense of the client would be an interpreter for a lawyer to visit at jail  (OAC 120-1-17).
  • Municipal Court Interpreter Service Fees are to be paid by the Court  (ORC 2311.14). 
  • Subpoena Fees and Services will never be reimbursed by assigned counsel or paid for from assigned counsel.