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The Montgomery County Office of Management & Budget (OMB) was established by the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) on October 9, 1979 pursuant to resolution.  OMB replaced the Office of Fiscal Affairs in order to centralize all county fiscal operations for better coordination and management of county finances. The responsibilities of the Office of Management and Budget are as follows.

  • Coordinating the Annual Operating Budget Process, the State Fiscal Year Budget Process and appropriating Capital Projects in compliance with the Ohio Revised Code for all Commission appropriated funds

  • Analyzing, reviewing and approving weekly budgetary amendments for various elected officials, agencies and departments by placing resolutions on the weekly BCC agenda pursuant to Ohio Revised Code

  • Analyzing county operations, budget and financial issues for the Board of County Commissioners, the County Administrator and other elected officials and agencies

  • Preparing financial analyses, forecasts,  projections and plans in order to maintain financial stability of the various funds under Montgomery County government

  • Developing financial analyses and forecasts that anticipate multiple variables in order to project rate structures and funding proposals for county operations

  • Communicating Board of County Commissioners financial policies to various elected officials, agencies and departments

  • Assisting elected officials, agencies and departments with managing their budgetary and financial needs

  • Ensuring that tax payer funds are spent wisely and that county operations and agencies have sufficient resources to operate effectively

  • Managing and issuing debt and compiling the Annual Information Statement, the county's continuing disclosure document

  • Publishing the Annual Adopted Budget & Plan documents, the Budget in Brief document, Revenue Manuals and other financial reports

  • Managing the Performance Series Financial System (an integrated county-wide accounting, purchasing and budgeting system) in conjunction with the County Auditor

  • Monitoring and updating the various financial plans and models used for Montgomery County's Tax Sharing and Economic Development Government Equity program (ED/GE)

  • Compiling the indirect cost allocation plan, property and casualty insurance allocation, workers' compensation allocation and the 800MHz radio system model billings

  • Administering, collecting and auditing of the receipts for the Hotel/Motel tax program on behalf of  the County Administrator and Board of County Commissioners

The budget and finance staff of OMB is assigned as liaisons to the various county entities including BCC departments, other elected offices, county departments and independent boards and commissions such as the Board of Developmental Disabilities Services, ADAMHS Board or the Board of Elections. The analysts assist offices and agencies in meeting changing financial needs, reviewing annual budgets, assisting with appropriation amendments, developing financial projections and other special analyses that are required or requested from the respective offices.

The Financial Services Division Manager for Administrative Services and Environmental Services serves as the chief fiscal officer of these organizations.  The position reports to the Office of Management and Budget and maintain budgetary, financial and purchasing operations to these large Board of County Commission departments.

The Office of Management and Budget was responsible for the county's receipt of its thirty-fourth consecutive Award for Distinguished Budget Presentation from the Government Finance Officers Association of United States and Canada (GFOA) for the 2017 Adopted Budget and Plan.  With the planned submission of the 2018 Adopted Budget & Plan document, this will mark the thirty-fifth consecutive year that OMB has developed budget publications for GFOA.  OMB has produced the Adopted Budget & Plan document since 1983 and the GFOA awards program started in 1984.