Montgomery County Internet Privacy Policy

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Montgomery County Department of Job & Family Services (MCDJFS) respects your privacy.  MCDJFS has created this privacy policy as to help you understand what data we collect and ways the data can be collected.

What is Collected
When browsing MCDJFS website you may be providing us some personal information in order for us to provide you with services.  Some ways this data is collected can be through, but not limited to:

  • Emails
  • Chat Sessions
  • Electronic & Paper Forms

Other generic, internet user information that is collected from use of this web site may include, but not limited to:

  • Internet protocol (IP) address of the computer used
  • Browser information
  • Date and time when accessing sites
  • Operating system
  • Cookies

Public Record
The Ohio public records law may require MCDJFS to disclose some documents, information and records.  Information submitted through this web site may be subject to a public records request per the Ohio public records law.

Montgomery County Disclaimer
Please visit Montgomery County's disclaimer web page: