2021 UNCF Art Auction

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 MC_outlined_whitetext-01 Silent Art Auction UNCF-01

All proceeds from this year's silent art auction will support scholarships for local students.
How to participate:
  1. Register as a bidder here
  2. Click the image of the piece you wish to bid on from the selection below to access the bidding form for that piece
  3. Click the link in the form to view the current high bid amount
  4. Submit the form with your bid
  5. Come back often to ensure you are the highest bidder
Auction bidding will close on Wednesday, March 3, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. Winners will be notified by March 5, 2021 and will need to make arrangements for payment and pickup of their new artwork. For questions, please contact Denice Finley at Finley-WhiteM@mcohio.org.

2021 UNCF Art (and More) Auction Winners

Non-art auction items:
 MercedesWeekend  WeekendGetaway
 Weekend use of a new Mercedes Benz  Weekend Getaway:
Dinner for two at Coco's Bistro AND
One night stay at Fairfield Inn Downtown

Pablo Picasso Print (12”x15”)
 art2“Bearded Collie” Print by Warren Photographic (19”x18”)  art3
Abstract Faces Tryptch Print by Artist Unknown (31.5"x47")
art4 "Balloons in Sky" Print By Raquel Santana (17"x21")
"Bacio" Print by Furman S. Baldwin (26"x34")
"A Paris Kiss" Print By Kate Carrigan (31"x23")
"Ferrari 250 GT" Print by Mark Rogan (14"x17")
The Novogratz "Calculating Llama" Print (22"x17")
Ocean View Print by Artist Unknown (22.5"x30")
Beach with Umbrellas Print by J. Wiens (22"x32")
“Forest Silhouette I” Print by Erica J. Vess (18.5”x15”)
"Raphaelesque Head Exploding" Print by Salvadore Dali (20"x17")
"Porsche 911 Carrera" Print by Mark Rogan (17"x21")
"Colombe de la piax" ("Dove of Peace") Print by Pablo Picasso (24"x31")
"Close Up Portrait of a Cheetah." Print by Karine Aigner (17.5"x23")
Black Smiling Poodle Print (18"x18")
"Battle to Survive a Broken Heart" Print By Banksy (18"x15")
"Lovers Moon" Print by Megan Duncanson (21"x30")
"Rose Meditative" Print by Salvadore Dali (24"x19")
Happy Dog Print by Artist Unknown (22"x18")
"Midnight Blue" By Frances Fantroy, Painting on Canvas (16"x20")
"Disruption" By Frances Fantroy, Painting on Canvas (16"x20")
"Circles of Life" By Frances Fantroy, Painting on Canvas (16"x20")
"Merica" By Frances Fantroy, Painting on Canvas (16"x20")
"Ancestral Spirit Dance #397" By Bing Davis (20"x15")
"Rap" By Byron Stephens (11” x 16) watercolor, ink and shellac on canvas
"Moonset" By Charde McKinne (25” x 19”) acrylic on canvas
"Three Little Pigs" By Kyron Harvey (20” x 24”) acrylic on canvas
"Car" By Isiah Ballard (28” x 23”) acrylic on canvas
Michigan Reed Reflections By Maury Wyckoff (16"x13") framed
Untitled by Anicka Mabry (11"x14") painting on canvas
"Pioneers in Medicine by Reginald Harmon (framed, signed, 24"x29")
"Inside Sammy Davis Jr." (caricature) by Greg DeGroat (charcoal/acrylic, signed by artist, 15"x18")
“Strawberries and Cream” by Gregg DeGroat 12x18 charcoal/pastel drawing signed original (unframed)