Coordinated Entry System Evaluation

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The Montgomery County Homeless Solutions Policy Board has partnered with ICF to provide an evaluation of the coordinated entry system for Montgomery County residents experiencing homelessness. The focus of the evaluation includes an examination of the existing components of the coordinated entry process and recommendations on needed changes and new components to ensure the coordinated entry process works most effectively for all individuals and families who are homeless or at imminent risk of homelessness. 

ICF’s team has been on the front line of the evolution of coordinated entry for many years, from writing and informing HUD’s guidance, requirements, and technical assistance tools and materials to support communities of all types in the design and implementation of local and regional entry processes to evaluating existing coordinated entry processes for effective compliance. 

To date ICF's work has included the following:

Coordinated Entry Evaluation Kick-off - January 8, 2018 
Meeting Notice 

Coordinated Entry Evaluation Community Presentation - July 2, 2018 
Meeting Notice 
Executive Summary 

ICF Coordinated Entry Evaluation Recommendations 
Final Recommendations 

A Coordinated Entry Implementation Team was developed to oversee the recommendations for improvements to the local coordinated entry system made by ICF. 
The Implementation Team is responsible for ensuring: accountability and transparency, community engagement, sustained momentum and commitment; as well as supporting implementation of action items to allow for quick detection and response to challenges that arise.

Coordinated Entry Implementation Team 
Implementation Team Summary