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The CoC (Continuum of Care) Consolidated Application is prepared by Montgomery County Homeless Solutions staff and submitted to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) annually. CoC funding is the largest single funding source for housing and services for homeless and formerly homeless households in Montgomery County.  

Copies of documents related to the most recent CoC Competition and previous awards and applications can be found below.

2021 CoC Competition Documents* NEW
HUD Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) FY 2021 Continuum of Care Competition and Noncompetitive Award of Youth Homeless Demonstration Program Renewal and Replacement Grants  

The deadline for submitting applications to HUD for the FY 2021 CoC Program Competition is 8:00 PM EST on November 16, 2021
2021 OH -505 CoC Project Information *NEW
OH-505 CoC Review, Score & Ranking Process
Reallocation Process 

OH-505 CoC Summary 
CoC Priority Order Criteria
CoC Reallocation Process 
CoC Reconsideration Process 

OH-505 CoC 2021 Priority Order
OH-505 CoC 2021 Consolidated Application

2021 Project Applications
Coordinated Entry Assessment Renewal
PSH Renewal
RRH Renewal 
RRH Youth Renewal 
Safe Haven Renewal
TH Youth Renewal 
HMIS Renewal 

Deadline for submitting Renewal Project Applications is July 6, 2021

Deadline for submitting New Project Applications is October 15, 2021

2020 CoC Award Announcement
2020 CoC Awards

Recent CoC Awards
2019 CoC Awards
2018 CoC Awards

2017 CoC Awards
2016 CoC Awards

Prior CoC Application(s)
2019 OH-505 CoC Project Priority Listing
2019 OH-505 CoC Consolidated Application
2018 OH-505 CoC Project Priority Listing 
2018 OH-505 CoC Consolidated Application 
2017 OH-505 CoC Project Priority Listing 
2017 OH-505 CoC Consolidated Application 

For more information contact:
Jessica Jenkins, Assistant Director at or
Kathleen Shanahan, CoC Lead at