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Common Ground for Action:
How Do We Increase the Effectiveness of the Montgomery County
Homeless Crisis Response System?

What comes to mind when you think about homelessness in Montgomery County?

The Homeless Solutions Policy Board (HSPB) has a goal of effectively preventing and ending homelessness in Montgomery County.  No one agency alone can end homelessness.  The HSPB, along with Montgomery County and United Way of Greater Dayton, is committed to implementing a Collective Impact model, which employs a common agenda, shared measurement, mutually reinforcing activities, continuous communication and a backbone organization to bring about an end to homelessness.

To that end, over the last several months, we conducted a survey of policy makers, providers, consumers, and community members and held a series of Common Ground for Action forums to solicit input about a Collective Impact model of housing-focused services for the community’s two adult emergency shelters.

Common Ground for Action (CGA) Reflection Summit - June 28, 2018 

CGA Issue Summary Guide
CGA Deliberation Summary 

CGA Reflection Summit Agenda

CGA Reflection Summit Full Report 

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CGA Summit Notes