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The Montgomery County Board of County Commissioners created the Frail Elderly Task Force in November 2001 to examine current and emerging needs of people who are frail elderly and to develop a collaborative plan to ensure appropriate services and supports are made available.  The Task Force focused on people who are frail and elderly, which are defined as persons who are 60 years of age and older who are at increased risk of death or functional decline.

The Board of County Commissioners (when was MCFESAC created) established the Montgomery County Frail Elderly Services Advisory Committee (MCFESAC) to provide oversight and recommendations on Human Service Levy funding for this growing segment of the population. The MCFESAC is divided into two groups, the Strategic Planning Subcommittee and the Project Review Subcommittee.  The Strategic Planning Subcommittee sets the overall goals and priorities and continues to reassess the needs of individuals who are frail and elderly in Montgomery County.  The Project Review Subcommittee reviews proposals submitted to provide services for individuals who are frail and elderly and makes funding recommendations to the MCFESAC.

Frail Elderly Services are provided through the ComCare program and through the Frail Elderly Programs recommended by the Project Review Committee.

The Senior Services Network Office, which is a department of the Montgomery County Department of Job and Family Services, provides support to the MCFESAC through information gathering, research, and the coordination of the committee’s activities.  Together MCFESAC and the Senior Services Network Office identify and prioritize the needs of the frail and elderly, solicit bids for providing services to meet those needs, and develop contracts for service provision.

If you have questions about frail elderly services, please contact the Senior Services Network Office at (937) 225-5475.