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Brother Ray Award Nominations
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Brother Raymond L. Fitz, S.M., Ph.D. Award

This award goes to someone who exemplifies Brother Ray’s dedication to the cause of nurturing and protecting children and families by his/her day-in and day-out efforts in the Montgomery County community. The Honoree can be a paid employee, a volunteer for an organization, an "everyday citizen", or a combination of these. In whatever role, the winner will be someone who has regular, direct contact with children and families.

Do you know someone who volunteers or works with your organization whom you think should be the next recipient? 

Paying recognition to our community role models inspires others to get involved. Plus, the simple act of nominating an individual is, in a sense, a gesture of gratitude for the gifts and services they have given to the community.
Submit your nominations via email! Send to

For hand delivered or mailed nominations:
  • All entries must be typewritten or computer-generated.
  • Provide 6 copies of the Nomination form, answers to questions, and any supplementary information

Deliver/Mail to: 

ATTN: Brother Ray Award Nominations
Montgomery County
Human Services Planning & Development
117 S. Main Street
Suite 5100
Dayton, OH 45422
Delivery method of submission will not bear weight during selection process.