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Brother Raymond L. Fitz Award Ceremony 2021

brother rayThe Brother Raymond L. Fitz, S.M., Ph.D. Award

The Montgomery County Family and Children First Council has created a tribute to Brother Raymond L. Fitz, S.M., Ph.D., former president of the University of Dayton, for his years of leadership and service to the community on behalf of children and families, including serving as the first Chair of the Council.

The Brother Raymond L. Fitz, S.M., Ph. D. Award will go to someone who exemplifies Brother Ray's dedication to the cause of nurturing and protecting children and families by his/her day-in and day-out efforts in the Montgomery County community. This person can be a paid employee, a volunteer for an organization, an "everyday citizen", or a combination of these. In whatever role, the winner will be someone who has regular, direct contact with children and families. Sometimes such a person is described as "front-line" or "grass roots", as opposed to being an administrator or executive or policy-maker. 

Information about past recipients is available by clicking the Award Recipients link on the left. Find out about the nomination process by clicking the Nominations link.