2017 Combined Funding Application

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The Montgomery County Board of County Commissioners and United Way of the Greater Dayton Area Board of Trustees are requesting applications for funding for the delivery of collective impact initiatives addressing health or human services for the residents of Montgomery County in alignment with the Joint Strategic Plan.  Additional services are sought for Core Safety Net, General, Homeless and Housing, and Frail/Elderly Supported Services.

This Combined Funding Application is issued on behalf of the Montgomery County Human Services Levy Council , the Montgomery County Family and Children First Council, the Montgomery County Frail Elderly Services Advisory Committee, the Homeless Solutions Policy Board, and United Way of the Greater Dayton Area. 

Combined Funding Application Process - Part 2 - The deadline for submission is April 28, 2017.

Click the following for a pdf of the Full Application (revised since the release in January). These are provided for your convenience. Answers should be submitted in United Way's Andar system.

**NEW** CORE Safety Net Services Application
**NEW** FRAIL ELDERLY Services Application
**NEW** GENERAL Supported Services PROJECT Application (to be completed by lead agency)
**NEW** GENERAL Supported Services PROGRAM Application (for all collaborators seeking funding)
**NEW** Agency and Program Budget Forms (for all applicants)
**NEW** Program Budget Narrative (for all applicants)
**NEW** County Expenditure Budget Form (for applicants seeking county funding)
**NEW** County Expenditure Budget Narrative (for applicants seeking county funding)

Scoring Rubrics
Frail Elderly Services
Core Safety Net Services
General Supported Services

Housing and Homeless providers should complete the Housing and Homeless Services Application (revised since the release in January) provided below and email a PDF of responses and attachments to hspd@mcohio.org.The deadline for submission is April 28, 2017.

**NEW** Homeless CORE SAFETY NET Services Full Application
**NEW** Housing and Homeless Full Application-PROJECT Questions (to be completed by lead agency)
**NEW** Housing and Homeless Full Application-PROGRAM Questions (for all collaborators)
**NEW** Housing and Homeless PROGRAM Budget (for all collaborators)

Housing and Homeless Services Scoring Rubrics
**NEW** Homeless CORE SAFETY NET Services Scoring Rubric
**NEW** Housing and Homeless Full Application Scoring Rubric 

The deadline for submitting questions during Part 2 of the process is April 17, 2017.

Questions about the Combined Funding Application can be sent to hspd@mcohio.org
Questions about the Andar system can be sent to jointrfpinfo@dayton-unitedway.org.

Answers to questions are posted here and on the United Way website.

Combined Funding Application Process - Part 1 (now closed)

For more details click the following:

2017 Combined Funding Application (contains information for Core Safety Net, General, Homeless and Housing, and Frail Elderly Supported Services)

See below for UPDATES to address any discrepancies or changes within the Application

Homeless and Housing Supported Services Forms (see the Combined Funding Application for instructions and all other details. All homeless providers should use these documents regardless of whether you are applying for Homeless Supported Services or Core Safety Net)

UPDATES - The following updates have been made to clarify discrepancies that have been identified in the Application or from the Mandatory Sessions:

1) The deadline for submission of questions is Friday, February 24, 2017, not February 17, 2017. Page 26 in the Application has been updated to reflect this change.

2) Services sought for Frail Elderly do not require collective impact. However, collaboration is expected. The table on page 25 of the Application has been updated to reflect Frail Elderly Supported Services in the column with Core Safety Net Services

3) The list of attendees (below) for the mandatory sessions has been updated to reflect individuals who were present but did not appear on the list when it was first published.

4) Page 8 of the Combined Funding Application has been updated to reflect Kindergarten Readiness measures currently utilized by the State of Ohio.


Public Notice for Combined Funding Application 

Joint Strategic Plan

Mandatory Combined Funding Application Review Sessions

Mandatory Combined Funding Sessions Presentation

Organizations in Attendance at the Mandatory Sessions (both days combined)