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For so many years, Montgomery County Human Services has committed to helping our most vulnerable citizens and that commitment continues today. These are our neighbors, friends and, in some cases, our family members. The needs in our community are real, whether it's providing a safe place to live for a person with developmental disabilities; providing support for a family whose child has been diagnosed with autism; protecting our children from neglect and abuse; and supporting our frail and elderly citizens with services and food so they can stay in their homes.
Montgomery County is facing serious budget challenges with millions of dollars in state funding cuts that directly affect human services agencies and other programs. Despite those challenges, Montgomery County remains committed to addressing the needs of the community while keeping expenditures in line with revenues.
The Human Services Community Review Team is made up of citizens and community leaders. During these difficult economic times, this team will continue Montgomery County's mission to serve our most vulnerable citizens while making sure your tax dollars are spent wisely.