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Short-Term Disability

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Short-Term Disability
Short-Term Disability (STD) Insurance administered by Prudential helps provide a continuing source of income in case of an unexpected accident or illness. The STD benefit provides 60% of your base weekly pay for up to 26 weeks. There is a 14-day waiting period for illness and a 7-day waiting period for injury before any benefits are paid. The waiting period is included as a part of the 26 weeks.

If you wish to elect STD coverage due to a qualifying life event or during open enrollment, you will be required to provide an EOI (Evidence of Insurability) form to Prudential and receive approval. New hire employees can elect STD coverage without providing an EOI form to Prudential if elected within the first 30 days of employment.

Rates are based on your age as of the last day of the current tax year and your base pay. Premiums are subject to change as of the date your base pay changes. Use the calculator found on this webpage to approximate your weekly benefit and cost.

Filing a Claim/Receiving Benefits:
File a claim with Prudential using instructions provided in the "Submitting a Disability Claim" brochure below.

If your disability claim is approved by Prudential, your short-term disability benefits will begin as of the date of disability. You may use paid leave during the waiting period, and you may also use paid leave to supplement your disability pay up to 100% of your regular income. If you continue using any paid leave after the waiting period, Prudential will offset the benefits you are paid by any pay you receive from Montgomery County, with a minimum weekly benefit of $20.00 per week.

You must follow all leave and leave of absence policies when requesting an absence that is covered by your short-term disability plan, and you must coordinate your leave request with your supervisor, department payroll, and Prudential. Failure to coordinate paid leave time with your department payroll and Prudential in advance of receiving short-term disability benefits may result in an overpayment from Prudential that you will be required to repay.

NOTE: Some departments will require you to exhaust all available leave before being placed on Leave without Pay status. For BCC departments, employees do not have to exhaust all leave balances before being placed on leave without pay. For employees not under the Board of County Commissioners, check with your department to make sure you understand the rules that apply to paid and unpaid leave before deciding whether this benefit is right for you.

STD Supplemental Life Calculator

EOI - Evidence of Insurability

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Short-Term Disability

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