Montgomery County Local Emergency Preparedness Committee

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Contact Information:

Reibold Building,
117 S. Main Street, Dayton, OH 45422 Suite 721
Phone Number: 937-224-8934
Fax Number: 937-224-8881


At the request of each County and as authorized under Section 301(b) of the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1986 (SARA Title III) (Public Law #99-499), the State Emergency Response Commission of Ohio established a local emergency planning committee for Montgomery County. The Montgomery County Local Emergency Preparedness Committee (MCLEPC) develops the local hazardous materials emergency response plan for Montgomery County, conducts an annual exercise to test the plan, maintains an inventory of hazardous chemicals used in industrial facilities, conduct a compliance program to insure all applicable facilities are reporting hazardous chemical information and makes information available to the general public about hazardous chemicals and risks in the community.


Current Membership Roster:

Chad Follick - Montgomery County Fire Chief's Association

Tyler McCoy - Dayton Fire Department

Brian Garver - Miami Valley Fire/EMS Alliance

Jason Hall - Dayton Police Department

Carolyn Rice - Montgomery County Board of County Commissioners

Jeff Jordan - Montgomery County Office of Emergency Management

Mary Porter - Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association

Becca Strobridge - American Red Cross

Larry Cleek - Public Health Dayton & Montgomery County

Dorothy Sorrell - Montgomery County Environmental Services

Michelle Simmons - City of Dayton Water

Matt Lindsay - Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission

Chris Cole - Greater Dayton RTA

Jay Weiskircher - Miami Valley Communications Council

Thomas Siafa - Greater Dayton Premier Management

Michael Davis - Dayton Area Mayors/Managers

Kathryn Kampt – Cargill

Gary Rettig - Dayton Regional Hazmat Team


Enabling Legislation:

Section 3750.07 of ORC

Section 311 of the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1986(SARA)

Section 3750.10 of the ORC

Federal Regulations CFR 370.20, 370.21, and 370.30

Information Requests

The SARA Title III (Community Right-To-Know) program was designed to allow citizens the opportunity to obtain information about hazardous chemicals present in their community.

The MCLEPC Information Request must be submitted to the following link:


Next Meeting

July 2022

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