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Children Services employees are always happy to talk about "protecting children, promoting families" and to separate fact from fiction. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about child abuse.

Am I breaking the law if I spank my child?

No. There is a difference between spanking and abuse. Abuse results in physical injury; spanking should not. Children need some discipline in their lives which involves setting rules and boundaries. If those rules are broken, there should be consequences for their actions. Spanking is only one option for discipline.

Can a caseworker remove a child from my home?

No. If children are considered at risk and unable to stay safely in their home, Children Services caseworkers must get permission from the juvenile court judge to place a child in a foster home. If law enforcement is involved, an officer or deputy may also remove children and place them in the emergency care of Children Services. Because children are often traumatized when removed from their homes and families, Children Services prefers taking less drastic steps whenever possible such as placing the child with a relative or friend.

How can I help children in my community?

Give of your time, money or clothing to agencies or organizations that work with children and families. Get involved as a volunteer, mentor or advocate.