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Child care providers should be aware that becoming toilet trained is a big step for children, one that gives them mixed feelings of frustration and accomplishment. Contrary to popular belief, there isn't a "correct" age at which a child should be toilet trained. Experts agree that toilet training is both a physical and emotional maturation for a child. Signs that your child is ready to be toilet trained are: staying dry for 1-2 hours at a time, an interest in personal hygiene and curiosity about toilet habits. The following are strategies for dealing with the toilet training process.

  • Be patient: understand that each child has different needs and levels of readiness. A calm, encouraging attitude is less stressful to the child in training.
  • Use praise: be positive with all successes and ignore the failures. Your child will toilet train eventually.
  • Be available: watch carefully for signs that your child may need to use the toilet and assist the child.
  • Observe: sometimes persistent bed-wetting in older children is a sign of a physical problem. Consult your family doctor with any questions.