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Parents spoil their children for a variety of reasons. They might feel guilty about not spending quality time with their child. Or, maybe they're trying to make up for the things they didn't have when they were young. Either way, here are some tips to help keep your child from becoming a brat:

1. Observe your behavior. Are you spoiling your child? Make note of times when your child throws a tantrum. What do you do? If you're child always gets his or her way, this is a sign of spoiling.

2. Find the root of the problem. Ask yourself why you're spoiling your child? Do you feel guilty for something you didn't do? Are you trying to make up for your own shortcomings?

3. Ignore bad behavior. A child will only throw tantrums when they think they can get their way. It's a power struggle, but even in public situations, like department stores, don't give in to your child's wants.

4. Reward good behavior. Catch your child doing something good and praise them for it. Use positive reinforcement whenever possible.

5. Prioritize and set limits. It's impossible to change all your child's bad habits at once. Start small and gradually increase changes.

6. Don't be afraid to say "yes". Being generous is not the same thing as spoiling.

7. Start early. If you set rules now, your child will respect you later. If you don't set rules now, it will be much harder to control your child as they get older.