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Discipline is the training provided by caregivers that allows children to develop the acceptable social behavior they need to grow up. Discipline involves the caregiver setting reasonable limits and enforcing them. Doing so through praise and rewards encourages the child to behave well. Punishment is sometimes necessary but should be used in moderation. Corporal punishment should be used with caution since it can be hard for a caregiver to control the severity of the punishment and injury may result.

Listed below are some guidelines for disciplining that will have positive effects for both you and the child.

  • Have realistic expectations for the child - no one is perfect. Anger and frustration are easier to keep in check by remembering that children develop at their own pace.
  • Children learn by example. It's not fair to expect something from your child that you do not practice.
  • Sending the child to his/her own room will give both of you time to cool off and think about the conflict.
  • Angry words can be damaging. Shaming or making the child feel guilty doesn't resolve the problem, it only creates future ones.