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Away from the structure of school, homework can be a challenge for both children and parents. Providing an environment with as little distractions as possible is the key. Here are some tips to help make homework more successful. 

  • Be positive in your criticism of your child's work.
  • Turn off the television while doing homework.
  • Eliminate other distractions, like video games, computer, radio, etc. Make their surroundings conducive to doing good homework.
  • Do some "homework" type activity (like paying bills) while your child is doing homework.
  • Set up a reward system for completing work.
  • Divide up homework by subject. Instead of having your child tackle all their homework at one time, spread things out.
  • When your child is done with homework, check it over. This shows that you're interested in having them do quality work.
  • Don't do the work for them. Give them help, but let them complete their assignment.
  • Be sympathetic when your child is struggling with work. Don't criticize them for not grasping something. Instead, say something like "that's tough" and offer help.

Be proud when your child accomplishes something.