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It's not easy caring for children. Everyday pressures can make you feel like lashing out. Before you lose control, STOP. Try these suggestions instead. You'll feel better and so will your child.

1. Take slow, deep breaths.
2. Count to 10. Better yet, count to 20, or 100.
3. Put your child in a time-out chair. (One minute for each year of age.)
4. Put yourself in a time-out chair. Think about why you are angry.
5. Phone a friend.
6. If someone you trust can watch your child, take a walk.
7. Take a hot bath -- make sure your child is safe, first.
8. Splash water on your face.
9. Hug a pillow.
10. Turn on some music. Sing along.
11. Write a letter to yourself or a friend telling how you feel. 

Remember, you are not alone. For more help on keeping your cool: 

Montgomery County Children Services - (937)224-KIDS. If you live outside Montgomery County, check your phone book for the county board in your area.