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Foster Page

Loving Homes Needed for Area Foster Children

With 650 or more kids in its foster care system on any given day, Montgomery County has an ongoing need for caring individuals and couples who will open their hearts and homes to help children.

Cases of abuse, neglect and unsafe conditions regularly prompt law enforcement and/or the court to place children in the care of Montgomery County Children Services. When that happens, the agency looks for loving homes where these children can feel welcome and be safe.

Mending Families

It is a traumatic experience for a child to be separated from their family home. Children Services does all an organization can to make children feel as comfortable as possible in situations such as this and works to minimize trauma for children, and also works with birth parents to connect them with resources that can help address the situation(s) of concern. The ultimate goal is to reunite children with their birth parents whenever possible, and foster parents play a critical role in this process. 

Foster parents are key in mediating the impact of trauma by providing a stable and nurturing environment for these young people while the agency works to reunify families where possible. When reunification isn’t possible, many foster parents seek to become that child’s forever family through adoption.

At the same time, many foster parents have no interest in adopting children. They simply want to help families through difficult times, and we applaud the vital community service they provide.

What Does a Foster Parent Look Like?

Children don’t need perfect parents, just one or two individuals who are willing to meet the unique challenges of parenting and to make a commitment to care for and nurture children. Foster parents must be over the age of 21. They can be single or married, and they may or may not have other children.

Foster families are not paid for caring for children per se, but Montgomery County Children Services does provide monthly compensation for food, clothing and other needs. Licensing requires an interview with a social worker, a medical report, criminal record check (with fingerprinting), references and a check of the physical condition of your home.

What Types of Children Need Foster Homes?

Most of the children in our care are age 10 or older with emotional or behavioral health issues, and some have complex medical needs or physical challenges. We often have a need for foster parents who are willing to keep sibling groups together.

Comprehensive, Free Training

We require completion of a 36-hour training course, and we offer it for free. You can learn more about foster care and/or adoption by attending one of our information meetings or by calling 937-224-KIDS (5437).