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Savannah 1-14-19 Savannah

Date of birth 6-10

 Kierra 12-18


Date of birth, 6-04



Date of Birth, 9-01

 Miah H.  Miah

Date of Birth 4-05
 Antonia  Antonia

Date of Birth 12-05
 Alexis G. Alexis

Date of Birth 5-01
 jazzae (002) Jazzae

Date of birth 10-03
 Mckenzie pic 5-19



Date of Birth 2-05

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Ann Marie


Date of Birth, 6-01

 Shiloh P Shiloh

Date of birth 1-03
 Sandra Sandra

Date of birth 3-05
 Melody Melody

Date of birth 4-10
 Azenae Azenae

Date of birth 
 Dazenae Dazenae

Date of birth
Da'Meaka (002) Da'Meaka

Date of Birth 10-06
 Jerimiah Vaylona

Date of Birth 06-12

Anna 12-18 Anna
Date of Birth 3-10
 Terricle Tierracole

Date of Birth 11-01
Genesis Genesis

Date of Birth 2-07
 Eve headshot Eve

Date of Birth 2-09
 Niah'Rae (002) Niah'Rae

Date of Birth 9-03

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