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star fishInterstate Orders and Enforcement

Interstate child support cases are governed by the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act. Click here for an overview. Interstate actions may be necessary when the help of another state's Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) is needed to establish, enforce and/or modify orders.

How long does the process take?
The process generally takes six months to a year, but can take more. The CSEA will closely monitor the progress, and specialized staff will work on the case and keep you notified.

Can I have my support order modified if there are other states involved?
Yes, either party can seek a modification of an order issued in any state -- no matter where they live.

How do I get my support order enforced if the other parent no longer lives in the state that issued the order?
You can help the CSEA by providing the most current address and employment information for the person owing support. If they live in a foreign country, please ask the CSEA whether that foreign county cooperates with the U.S. to establish and enforce support.  

Do I have to travel if I have been served to appear at a hearing in another state? Please read your paperwork carefully. Generally you will not have to travel to another state to attend child support hearings. If the paperwork says that you are "Ordered to Appear" or any similar statement, you may need to appear. Some states allow you to participate through telephone testimony. If you are scheduled to appear at an out-of-state hearing, please contact your local CSEA for help.

Can I object to a decision by another state? 
An appeal may be possible if you do not agree with a decision issued by another state. You must notify the CSEA immediately because there are time limits for filing an appeal. The CSEA does not personally represent either party, so you may choose to get your own legal representation. If the CSEA considers the decision to be proper under the law, it will not appeal.


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