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Helpful Fact Sheets:

Child Support General Information

Child Support Guidelines

What to Bring to a Hearing Checklist

Administrative Enforcement Tools

Paternity Establishment



Income Provider

Administrative Review & Adjustment 

Multi-Order Calculator Flyer


Cash Medical Support

License Suspension

Testing vs Acknowledgement

What Does it Cost to Raise a Child

Waiver and Compromise

New Hire Reporting

Administrative Hearings

Representing Yourself in Court

Tax Offset 

Other Helpful Links:

Questions or Help with Child Support:

Ohio Child Support Calculator

Domestic Violence Assistance:

Artemis Center

Employment Help:

The Job Center - Online Job Search 


Dayton Craig's List - Jobs 

Ohio Department of Job and Family Services - Labor Market Info 

Ohio Internships and Co-Ops 

Montgomery County Jobs  

Education, Training or Workforce Development Help:

Montgomery County Workforce Development 

Sinclair Community College Workforce Development 

Financial Planning Assistance:

HelloWallet  performs traditional budgeting and money tracking functions. HelloWallet will also recommend customized financial plans for everything from saving for college to saving for retirement. The site is particularly aimed at lower- to middle-income consumers who may not otherwise have financial advice resources.

Smart Money - Life Plan  is a free online service called that asks users a series of questions and then provides tailored articles, financial to-do-lists and tutorials.

Bankrate - Financial Planning for Low Income People 

Help Paying your Utilities:

Montgomery County Community Action Partnership

Veteran’s Services:

Ohio Means Veteran's Jobs

Montgomery County Veteran's Services

Transportation Assistance:

Miami Valley Ride Finder

Help with Money, Food, Housing, Healthcare, Training:

Ohio Here To Help

Prisoner Re-Entry Assistance:

Ohio Practitioners' Network for Fathers and Families

Civil Impact of Criminal Convictions

Certificate of Qualification for Employment