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Each year, the Montgomery County Animal Shelter cares for approximately 7,000 dogs and 4,000 cats.  Most of these pets are rescued from the streets by our Animal Care and Control Officers.  Some are brought in by concerned citizens and others by their owners who can no longer care for them.

Stray/Unwanted Sheltering

All stray dogs picked up by Animal Care & Control Officers are taken to the our facility, located at 6790 Webster Street, Dayton, Ohio 45414. We also receive many stray dogs turned in by private citizens.

Lost & Found

The ARC works with a variety of placement partners. These include local shelters such as the Humane Society of Greater Dayton and the SICSA Pet Adoption Center. Both are joint leaders of the Dayton Alliance for Companion Animals. We partner with a number of home & foster based rescues throughout Ohio as well as organizations out of state.

The ARC has an application & approval process that all partners must complete as well as an agreement to engage in “Humane Discourse” with regard to other partners. A rescue must be a registered 501c3 IRS Non-Profit (or in the documented approval process), registered with the Ohio Secretary of State as a non-profit corporation (or registered in the state of operation), and registered as a rescue with the Ohio Department of Agriculture (in or out of state rescues must be registered with ODoA). A copy of the most recent IRS 990 filing is required. Rescues must provide a list of two persons approved to pick up animals with name and verifiable information. Partners agree to allow random home visits / inspections and understand that declining may result in suspension or removal as a partner.

The organization or director must sign and agree to the Humane Discourse pledge which was instituted by the Humane Society of the United States and holds signatories to a standard of conduct. Signatories must agree to not engage in attacks, negative comments or other practices aimed at rescues, shelters or individuals through statements, social media or similar communications. Organizations or persons representing those organizations that engage in this conduct may cause the organization and / or individual to be removed or declined as a rescue partner.

Finally, partner organizations and their members must follow the Ohio Revised Code. Duties of care, licensing, transfer and other rules / regulations / laws must be complied with in order to maintain good standing. Engaging in placement of dangerous / vicious animals, failure to provide veterinary care or failure to license dogs are all situations that can impact a rescue and their ability to remain or become a partner. Persons convicted of these types of infractions are ineligible for application and, upon conviction if previously approved, may be removed.

Rescue groups may receive calls, emails or social media contact to seek assistance with animal placement. The ARC provides a variety of veterinary and behavioral services to animals in our care and, if we find candidates for placement that would benefit from a placement partner, actively work with groups to make those connections. Rescue partners may be charged a fee for services provided although in certain cases, those fees may be waived in whole or in part to facilitate a successful transfer. We do NOT place dogs or cats which have bitten a person requiring quarantine or meet the requirements to be declared dangerous / vicious under the Ohio Revised Code.