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           Humane Education Page

Humane Education Program

Programs are available for all age groups at the shelter or at your facility. The staff at the Animal Resource Center is experienced in working with preschool age children to high school students. Programs are designed to be age appropriate and promote the animal/human bond by emphasizing respect and responsibility.

Bite Free Prevention Program
The Animal Resource Center along with Dayton Children's and Public Health - Dayton & Montgomery County has initiated a Bite Free program which includes an activity worksheet for children ages 5 to 9. All programs are offered at no cost. Please call the shelter at 898-4457 to schedule a program.

Download the Bite Free Activity Worksheet (PDF Format)

ACES Program
At the Animal Resource Center, we firmly believe that cruelty and neglect can best be prevented when respect and compassion for animals is nurtured at an early age.

For this reason, we are pleased to announce the launch of an innovative program, designed specifically for elementary and middle school students.

  • The ACES Program is the first of its kind in Southwest Ohio. We offer several short courses, each designed for a specific age level and group size. Watch the VIDEO.
  • Basic Animal Care and Shelter Medicine - this is an introduction to animal care through stories, games and videos, designed for preschool through third grade.
  • Introduction to Veterinary Medicine - this is a hands-on exploration of veterinary medicine, including the tools used in the trade, designed for first through sixth grade.
  • Introduction to Veterinary Surgery - this accompanies Introduction to Veterinary Medicine this course is a mock surgery performed using stuffed patients and full surgical gear, designed for second through sixth grade.
  • The Things We Share: Intro to Parasites - designed for middle school science classes, includes specimens.
  • I Wanna Be A Vet....What Now - a lecture-style course which provides a map of the road to a career in veterinary medicine, this is an excellent career day presentation designed for fourth through eighth grade.

Call Dr. Meyer at 937-264-5471 for more information, or to book a class.