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What We Do

Our Animal Care and Control Officers enforce the dogs laws in Montgomery County and keep the public safe from animal-related health or safety dangers. They also educate the public and teach pet owners to be more responsible citizens.

Animal Care and Control Officers respond to requests for service from the public, police departments, etc. Routine responses include sick or injured dogs, stray dogs, loose owned pets, and bite animals. Animal Care and Control Officers will respond to your needs in uniform and a county vehicle.

To better help us help you, any of or all of the following information may be useful:

  • Location of dog
  • Exact address of owner
  • Time owner is usually home
  • Time dog is normally running loose
  • Description of dog

Cruelty Investigations
We respond to and investigate over 1200 reports of canine cruelty and neglect each year. Ohio State laws regarding this issue are poorly written and quite antiquated. In most cases, charges are not filed. Much effort is given, however, to educating and working with the owner to assist in the care and comfort of the pet. Please contact us at 898-4457 whenever you are concerned over the welfare of a dog. Every legal attempt will be made to insure the pet's well-being.

Main Office
Telephone (937) 898-4457
Fax            (937) 454-8139

Field Supervisor
Robert Sexton