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Report a Litterer Form

  1. Did you see that? That man threw a cigarette out the car window! Hey!

    That woman threw out a soda can! So what can you do about it? Report them through the Keep Montgomery County's (KMCB) Report a Litterer program.

    The Report a Litterer program allows citizens to turn in any people they observe tossing things out of their vehicle or accidentally littering from an uncovered load.

    It's simple. All you need to do is write down a few things about the incident. You will need the license plate number ( Ohio plates only), the make of the vehicle, the time of day, the location, the date, and who (driver, passenger, or accidental) tossed the trash and the item littered.

    After you've collected the appropriate information, you can submit it via the form below. Please be as accurate and honest when submitting information about the littering incident you observed.

    When KMCB receives the information it is compared to Ohio's vehicle registration database and an exact match is located. A letter is mailed to the litterer to remind them to put their trash where it belongs!

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