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Historical Public Records Request Form

  1. The Montgomery County Records Center and Archives holds a number of historical and genealogical records that are available for public use. Our collections include:

    • Births and Deaths (Probate Court) 1867-1908
    • Births and Deaths (City of Dayton) 1867-1908
    • Marriages 1803-1959
    • Divorces 1876-1949
    • Wills and Estates 1803-1939 (Index 1803-1938)
    • Deed Records 1805-1933 (Index 1805-1928)
    • Various Court Records 1803-

    Please note: 

    • For a birth or death after 1908, please contact the Office of Vital Statistics at: 937-496-3117
    • For a marriage after 1959 or a divorce after 1949, please contact the Montgomery County Courts at: 937-225-4432
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