What types of Services are offered at the CSEA?

Anyone receiving Public Assistance is eligible for free child support services and is required to cooperate with the CSEA in establishing paternity and collecting child support. Families that do not receive public assistance benefits can apply for services with a written IV-D application.

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1. What does CSEA stand for?
2. What types of Services are offered at the CSEA?
3. Where can I get a Title IV-D Application?
4. What does IV-D (4-D) stand for?
5. When I am on public assistance, will I receive both child support and public assistance benefits?
6. Do I have to use the CSEA if both parents have worked out a payment arrangement between us?
7. Can the CSEA help with visitation?
8. Why should I have paternity established on my child or children?
9. What is Genetic Testing?
10. What are the methods of Establishing Paternity?
11. I am on Unemployment Compensation. Is there a limit on the amount that can be taken out for child support?
12. Can I get support from a non-custodial parent who is in jail or in prison?
13. What do I do when children have emancipated and there is still money owed?
14. Can the CSEA collect for support if the non-custodial parent is in the military?
15. The non-custodial parent lives in another state and is self employed. What can I do to obtain support?
16. I receive / pay child support, how do I change my address?
17. The non-custodial parent quit their job to attend school full time. Do they still have to pay Child Support?
18. The non-custodial parent of my child does not live in Ohio. Can I establish paternity and get a support order?
19. What are the Child Support Guidelines?
20. Are the earnings of both parents considered in setting support?
21. Are there any adjustments allowed for second families in the guidelines?
22. Do the guidelines allow an adjustment for the parent who is paying for child care?
23. Is there any allowance for the parent who has to pay health insurance?
24. What does it mean to be "in default" of a Child Support order and what can happen to me if I go into default?
25. What if I don't agree that I am in default? Do I have appeal rights?
26. The non-custodial parent collects Social Security Disability. Can there be income withholding on that check?
27. I've heard there is a law called UIFSA. What does this law do?
28. Can arrearages be waived?