When are taxes due?

The first half collection is due February 16, 2024. The second half will be due July 19, 2024. View the Real Estate Taxes Collection Timeline (PDF) for more information about due dates.

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1. When are taxes due?
2. How do I pay my real estate taxes?
3. Can I pay my taxes monthly?
4. What is the charge to pay my taxes by credit/debit cards or electronic check?
5. What are Real Estate taxes?
6. I do not understand my tax bill. Can you explain it to me?
7. I received a tax bill but my mortgage company pays my taxes. What do I do?
8. Is there a discount for paying my taxes in full for the year?
9. I can't pay my taxes by the due date. Are there any programs available to help me pay my tax bill?
10. How much penalty will I receive if I do not pay by the due date?
11. How do I make payments on my tax lien after it is sold?